Learning Spanish Monthly Report #0


Hello everyone! I started learning Spanish and I decided to share my experiences and tips with these monthly reports. Here’s my report #0.

Actually, it’s my second attempt to writing reports about learning Spanish. I wrote Report #0 on 21 May 2019
and removed it immediately since I thought I didn’t have enough motivation and time to study Spanish.

This time I feel fully motivated. Because it has been nearly 6-7 years since I said “I will learn this language” while I was watching Vengo. My first real attempt was nearly 3 years ago. I found a great Spanish teacher from Columbia and we studied for nearly 6 weeks. But there had been some problems outside of us and we had to stop courses. This is my second attempt and I almost remember nothing about Spanish. (At least I feel this way.)

Why am I going to write reports? The answer is simple, I love sharing my experiences with people. I will gain some experiences during this process and I think these reports will be helpful to people with similar goals.

I’ll be all by myself in this journey. My only companions will be dictionaries, books, podcasts, etc. I’m going to draw a path with methods different from traditional while learning. I hope this works! :)

It’s hard to define all path at this point but I can say that I’ll start with vocabulary. I will share my vocabulary list in the next report and provide a full path in the future.

That’s all for now. I hope these reports will be an additional motivation for me.

You can contact me for any issue:

Twitter: @kamer_ee

Mail: kamer@kamerelciyar.com